From the 1870s to the modern era, RADIOACTIVE is a journey through Marie Curie's (Rosamund Pike) enduring legacies - her passionate relationships, scientific breakthroughs, and the consequences that followed for her and for the world. After meeting fellow scientist Pierre Curie (Sam Riley), the pair go on to marry and change the face of science forever by their discovery of radioactivity. The genius of the Curies' world-changing discoveries and the ensuing Nobel Prize propels the devoted couple into the international limelight.

Film Credits

Marjane Satrapi
Tim Bevan
Eric Fellner
Paul Webster
Jack Thorne
Aneurin Barnard
Rosamund Pike
Sam Riley
Simon Russell Beale
Anya Taylor-Joy

More Information

Radioactive Logo
No recomendada para menores de siete años.
Country: United Kingdom, Hungary
Language: English
Released:4 December 2020
Duration: 103 min
Genres: Drama Romance


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