DRAGGED ACROSS CONCRETE follows two police detectives who find themselves suspended when a video of their strong-arm tactics is leaked to the media. With little money and no options, the embittered policemen descend into the criminal underworld and find more than they wanted waiting in the shadows.

Film Credits

S. Craig Zahler
Keith Kjarval
Jack Heller
Tyler Jackson
Sefton Fincham
Dallas Sonnier
S. Craig Zahler
Don Johnson
Mel Gibson
Vince Vaughn
Michael Jai White
Laurie Holden
Jennifer Carpenter
Tory Kittles

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Country: Canada, United States
Language: English, Spanish
Released:22 March 2019
Duration: 160 min
Genres: Action/Adventure Drama Suspense/Thriller

Dragged Across Concrete

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